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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:00 am)
From the things that have not gotten a yes lately, some of the reasons are:

Too politically tinged

Laundry Lists

Lack of reason to care

Poor description
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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 05:07 pm)
I love review of books, especially my clients books. And of course reviews of my clients books where the reviewer clearly loves my clients work, well that's almost as good as selling the book was in the first place.

So I'm going to do a contest that may be continued for other books but will give unpaid reviewers a chance to win free books. Who knows, maybe some day I'll even have a spiffy graphic to go with it.

So what inspired this contest? Well, a wonderful review on KingoftheNerds. It's a real readers review, it feels genuine, and get's exactly what's right about the book. Here is a highlight of the review;

"...Enge's clever writing really came to the fore as the novel moved on and turned it into something that was truly fantastic (::groan::). It's old school and new school, dark without ever being oppressive and yet somehow managed to keep an almost constant smile on my face. It's one of those novel that leaves you a bit crestfallen that it's over, not because the ending was disappointing (it wasn't!) but because you have to stop living in the world it crafted. The second book The Crooked Way looks like it'll be out in October and I for one can't wait to read more."

Great review, full of spoilers though so be careful.

Now, back to that contest.

I've decided to call it the Lunchpail Review Contest.
To enter:

  • Write a review of The Blood of Ambrose somewhere online
  • email the review, a link to it, and your contact info to: lunchpail@onyxhawke.com
  • Entries must be received by 7pm ET May 21st 2009
I will post links to each of the reviews here on my LJ between May 22 and May 30th (possibly sooner depending on the number of reviews) and will after each review has been up at least one day post a poll for three days allowing readers to vote on the reviews.

The winner will receive a copy of This Crooked Way.



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