This is what he said about it in his conference on Baen's Bar;

Tasmarin is a place of dragons. a plane cut off from all others worlds where dragons can be dragons, and humans can be dinner. It's a place of islands, forests, mountains and wild oceans, filled with magical denizens. Fionn -- the black dragon -- calmly tells anyone who will listen that he's going to destroy the place. Of course he's a joker, a troublemaker and a dragon of no fixed abode. No one ever believes him.

He's dead serious.

Others strive to refresh the magics that built this place. To do so they need the combined magics of all the intelligent species, to renew the ancient balance and compact. There is just one problem. They need a human mage, and dragons systematically eliminated those centuries ago. Their augury has revealed that there is one, and they seek her desperately. Unfortunately, she's fallen in with Fionn, who really doesn't want them to succeed. He has his own reasons and designs.

The part he hadn't worked out is that she will affect his plans too.  Chaos, roguery, theft, heroism, kidnapping, love, trouble and war follow. And chaos. Did I mention chaos?

If one were wanting to know when it will be available... Toni's Table in Baen's Bar would be the place to ask since I haven't been told yet. Dave can be found on his LJ [ profile] davefreer on facebook, and of course on the
Bar in "Dr Monkey".



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