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( Aug. 10th, 2008 05:54 pm)
Despite not getting more than four hours sleep between the end of day three and when realized I needed to move to make it to my 10am panel, I did make it.

I have no idea if we made any sense, i have no idea if i made any sense. The panel to me spent a lot of time on music theory, buy some on all sorts of stuff.

Sitting in the green room with Kate Paulk, David B, Jeff, and a rotating cast of others we probably came close to getting tossed out for a rather raucous and ribald conversation that occasionally soared its way into the gutter.

The Appeal of Urban Fantasy panel was hilarious. As much as I wish Anton Strout was able to attend, having Sarah Hoyt on the panel with myself, David Boop and Ann Aguirre was a ton of fun. Sarah and I have a sense of humor that is much a like, David I'd met earlier in the con. We discussed the trends and various major series in urban fantasy. This was also the last panel of the night in that room, and while I'm sure the audience was entertained as they were frequently laughing as hard as the panelists, the phrase "Are any of us going to get out of here with our careers intact?" was uttered more than once. I hope to run into Ann and David again some time.

Later, more parties. The nice folks at Baen had a party in which after four days in the same town as Lois Bujold i managed to do more than say "Hi" to her. From what she said the forthcoming Miles Vorkosigan book has about four chapters done and Miles is now 39.

Back in the SFWA suite I ran across the news that Mary Robinette Kowal had won the Campbell Award. Mary is one of my fave people in the business and is sharp as hell.

I sat around int he SWFA suite for much of the night talking to Carol Berg, The Hoyt Collective Peter Heck, Jeremy Lassen, Becky and Alan Lickess, Ginjer and one or two others who's names escape me.

Dan Hoyt had a panel at 11 on writing vampires, none of the panelists had ever written a vampire story. One of the participants got lost and they roped me into it, I had the fun of plugging T.R.'s books, pretending to be T.R., plugging Ravencon, causing trouble and winding up Sarah about some some of her vampires. :-)

edited to add mention of the AoUF panel.
Yesterday's  Shmoozing 101 panel was fun. Unfortunately Ginjer Buchanan wasn't with us, but thanks to Mary Robinette Kowal and John Sclazi, it was a fantastic panel. I like panels that don't suffer from dead air and panic as people realize they will have to actually talk instead of just sit at the table and hope someone will buy somethign in the dealers room or art room with their name on it.

Schmoozing 101 was a lot of fun, I'd never met John Scalzi before even if I've commented on his blog a couple times, Mary i met and got a ride to the con hotel from the overflow at WFC Austin and have run into a couple times since. The two of them did a lot of the work and I chimed in to the person who said "don't be stupid." I don't think i actually said it in those words, but I'm sure the sentiment got across.

I did get to meet a couple of my readers, and someone who submitted something to me during the Winter Workout and was willing to speak to me anyway.

For those who hadn't noticed, there is a full page ad for Lunacon in the program book right next to the one featuring Lois Bujolds new series. There is also a full page color ad that features both Slow Train and Pyramid Power, both of which are available for pre-order.

Today i have two events.

one is an eleven thirty panel The Agent Behind the Curtain in room 506, and the other is immediately after at 1pm a signing in Hall D. After that i can go back to being invisible and maybe go to lunch. Please stop by the signing even if just to say hello, feel free to pitch your book to me.

For those who know them: Silverdrake, and Mike, The Hoyt Collective Family, Kate Paulk, Greg D, Cynthia Gonslaves, and a few others are here.

Oh yeah, for anyone at the con who hasn't discovered it there's free Wi-Fi on the 16h street mall, its the "Downtown DenverWiFI" network, I'm able to sign into it sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton Plaza.

I actually managed to leave my house a bit early today. Which is good, otherwise i would have ended up dithering around and packing another ten pounds of stuff into my bags. Not stuff i needed, but merely stuff I saw and couldn't resist the challenge of trying to fit it into my bag. My drive down to the shuttle was fine. I got there early, the shuttle was clean, nearly empty and on time. I got to the airport and despite hellalot of people in front of me (okay, about 15) i was seated in Legal Seafoods at Terminal C 13 minutes after stepping uff the shuttle. This is several kinds of marvel at Logan. Normally it takes people twenty minutest to understand they do need their ID, and it is helpful to remember what city they are flying to. I adore competent travelers!.

I ate. for the first time in about 22 hours and the food was excellent even for Legal Seafoods. I saw hellalong lines at the check point. Marvel of marvels, it took less than 15 minutes to go from back of the line to shoes back on. I adore competent travelers!.I get to my terminal and there is something new. Something glorious and new. Something glorious and powerful and new. I speak of course of the power outlets installed int he new bench seats that not only don't have stains and rips, have power outlets..I nearly leaped for joy. Instead, i sat down,. plugged my laptop in, hit the power button and heard The Call.

Yes, the call telling me my flights gate had been changed. I was ok with this. Really. Then I got to that gate, where there were also clean, unripped, powered chairs and found out sorry no connection for you ! Yep, the 13 minutes someone had booked between my landing in JFK and leaving for Denver wasn't gonna work with the delay of the incoming flight. The nice, nice man offered me a direct flight. I said 'Sure, you're the best!' and nearly did a happy dance.Then he even called and got my bags moved. If he'd been a woman i would have proposed. Then he told me the bad news.My  shiny direct flight doesn't leave until about three hours after the flght i was supposed to be on. Oddly, this new flight landed only about 35 minutes after the flight i should have been on. I went meh and trudged off to the bar. Here, my challenge is to remain sober enough over the next couple hours to be allowed to board my flight.

Sadly it is way to lound to do slush or anything productive.
Yes, life has left me busy enough to nearly forget the contest.

I will announce the winner in this post. I promise. But first:

My panel schedule for WorldCon;

Worldcon )

Standard plea to Congoers;

If you see me wandering around at a time I'm supposed to be at a panel please point me in the right direction. I'm very good at losing track of time at cons.


I need three for horrible duties via LJ during Worldcon.
Please comment, and I'll ask you what I want via either the LJ message service or one of the IM platforms.

And the winner is....

Well first i really need to thank everyone who participated because these were just hilarious to read. The LOLCATZ one was fun, the sheer inanity of quite a few, and the good fun of them all. The winner is going to the one that combined uselessness of actual text, psychopathy, criminality, and pure iron plated resistance to good sense the best, all without showing an overall deficit of writing skill. The author of the gem below should contact me via email soon so I can get their prize shipped. My comments are between the "[" and "]".
Contest )

I think I'll have to do this contest again sometime not so soon.

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( Jun. 30th, 2008 09:56 pm)
Well, I've got my preliminary schedule for Worldcon. It looks like I'll be on three panels. Wednesday, and Friday look to be fairly clear for meetings. Anyone wishing to pitch to me, or just pick my brain quietly should probably pick a time from mid day on on Wednesday, or anytime from mid morning on Friday. If you want to schedule a time you can:
Message me through LJ with your contact info.
Send me an email through the webform on my website.
Instant message me via one of the options in my profile.
Or go all old fashioned and call me.

If you're going with two or three writer friends I'm willing to talk to a couple people at once.

You can also just try and wander into me at one of the room parties at the main hotel where I'll be staying.
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( Apr. 30th, 2008 01:17 am)
I booked my flight today, I'll be there for the whole con, and most of the next day. I also managed to get my bio sent in so I may actually have to do some work while there.

How many others are going?


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