Having gotten buried in reading, both work and fun, I completely neglected to book a flight for Ravencon this year. That's now done. Next years con schedule is rounding out too. It looks like; Boskone, Norwescon and World Fantasy Con.
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World Fantasy 2010 in Ohio?
Hmmm, I could totally make it to that....hmmmm.
Also, RavenCon is out for 2009, just cannot do the transportation right now in my budget (thought I had a rideshare- it didn't work out), but I'd like to think about it for 2010. Expand my network a little.
And I have never been to Boskone and should probably remedy that one of these days.

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After you and I talked, I went downstairs to run into one of your clients - Jenna Waterford. Nice lass! Took her up to the WotC party. :)


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