dFor those of you who dislike, or can't use MS Office, I wandered across IBM's Lotus Symphony a couple days ago when borrowing a computer for a few hours work. It seems to load a bit faster than Open Office, and feels smoother over all. It includes word processor, spread sheet and presentation tools.  It is also free.
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( Apr. 8th, 2009 11:18 am)
Does anyone have an experience with Odiogo? I've listened to a few articles read by it, but don't have a firm opinion on it.Does anyone know if it will even work with LiveJournal?
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( Nov. 14th, 2008 01:56 pm)
For those wishing to be represented by me, who haven't yet tried bribery, here's something you may want to try.

LInk large, short sleeve.

I make no promises that bribes will work, in fact quite the opposite. But they are appreciated.

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( Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:04 am)
The Lords of the Internet of made it easier for me to post to multiple places at once. Hence, for those of you that hate LJ and read via RSS, but like Blogger or Vox, you can now find me in those places as well.

http://onyxhawke.blogspot.com/ http://onyxhawke.vox.com/
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( Jul. 25th, 2008 04:13 am)
For those living North of Boston, or anywhere within driving distance of Newburyport Ma, this weekend makes a perfect time to visit my favorite book store.You can wander the store that hooked me on reading and is indirectly to blame for me being in the business.

Jabberwocky books is hosting a special guest. Patrick is the leader of 40,000 or so Maasai living around a national park in Southern Kenya. Sue, the owner of Jabberwocky has visited him in Kenya through a charity she works with. She's agreed to host him for a presentation here.

This is from the email I got from Sue:
On Sunday, July 27th Patrick Papatiti, the vibrant young leader of the Maasai in Southern Kenya, will speak about the beauty of the traditional ways of the Maasai, and the struggle to preserve them in the face of the pressures of the modern world. This is a very special event and we hope you will be able to join us to hear Patrick's story.
Jabberwocky is located at 50 Water St Newburyport Ma 01950 in the Tannery.

A note to those coming from south of the area. The Parker River Bridge in Newbury is closed for construction. If you get directions that say you are to take rt 1a through Newbury you need to go around. You're better off taking Route 1 to the rotary going to the the right at where the courthouse is, going straight to the lights where it becomes a one way, turning right, and then turning left onto Federal street. The Tannery sits on the corner of the Federal and Water st.

I also ran into a neat pet treat store in Rowley that has everything from vegetarian and organic pet treats to some of the stuff you'll find in regular pet stores. I got Mother's dogs the charcoal biscuits. Ciao Bow Wow is at 317 Haverhill St Rowley Ma 
On 6/23 I received a requested resubmission to my main business address. Since then I've sent and received about 500 messages from that address. This doesn't count the email address that I receive slush to, most of which gets responded to there as well. It doesn't count the email address that the comments on LiveJournal and Facebook are sent to. This also leaves out the two client works I've read and commented on in that time, the begging of cover quotes for a book. On top of this there is the time I spend sending out books, writing the cover letters, giving gentle toe prods to writers who mope and pretending I'm keeping track of industry news. On top of all this is course my personal email. The email for the 4H club I'm an assistant leader in, and of every once in a while that odd thing where I lay down and be (mostly) still for nigh on four hours at a time. 
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( Jul. 13th, 2008 11:37 am)
For those of us using a cranky desktop, I found a neat little tool on Download.com that can help prevent those nasty crashes. It's called FreeRam XP Pro (it works for several versions of Windows) and it's free.
Sunday I got to spend a couple hours with a great writers group in Revere Mass at the invitation of one of the members who I'd met at Arisia. We mostly spent the day discussing trends, basic info on the business and what some of the challenges for a new writer are. I had a good deal of fun and I think I only scarred one of the people present.

Spoilers for Indiana Jones below the cut

Overall, Sunday was a good day and if any other writers groups in the area are interested in having me drop by for a couple hours my contact info is on my website.
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( Jun. 17th, 2008 01:10 am)
I'm looking for a music/mp3 player. It needs to be small, durable and not an Ipod or Zune as I'm not a fan of either brand of koolaid. It should be able to hold a couple gigs of music (4+, 8 great more ...) and be able to do playlists.Price isn't a huge concern but since i'll mostly be using it at the gym, i'd prefer something that if i step on it i won't be having to fork over $350 to replace it.

Links greatly appreciated, but names will work.

Sometimes the human capacity for ignoring things amazes me. Usually it just disgusts me. Statistics have shown the number of men who never get married has steadily risen over the last half century. This means there are more and more men every year with no wife, mother, girlfriend or whoever to do their shopping for them. Studies have also shown the number of that more men are staying home and raising the family while the woman in the relationship works outside the house. And yet, the grocery stores haven’t really changed too much in the last two and half decades. Nor have the people making the cleaners and the laundry soap or the fixtures responded well. Most men want a cleaner to either not smell or smell like cleaner "Evergreen Forest Glade Heavenly Aroma" dish soap doesn’t appeal to most of the male gender too much. And given that on average men are a bit taller than women, having checkout counters where there are no impulse items at that higher level seems a bit foolish. The floor space is still costing the store the same amount, and wasting three or four feet of shelf space per checkout lane doesn't make dollars or sense.


Something else baffling is the fact that the book matrix hasn't really changed in these stores in nearly forever. There are bright kids books, the same mix of big name writers as every other supermarket and convenience store with a liberal mix of romance novels. But, despite the demographic shifts mentioned above, and the increased number of men who go shopping with their significant female other, the number of books aimed at men, has dropped. When a decade or two back I'd at least see the occasional western, or maybe a war or car themed non fiction book. Sometimes there would be the biography of a famous athlete or president and that's about it. I find it odd that there are less and less independent book stores, and more concentration of business niches that were formerly boutique focused into the larger stores, and yet the publishing industry has been slow to respond. Wal-Mart, whatever there other faults has proven it can sell music at a solid pace and is now the largest music retailer in the country. The book store section in the two or three Wal-Mart's I occasionally visit are no larger than they were when they opened, likewise for Target, Kmart, or any of the supermarket chains.


The question to me becomes, do writers, and editors really care who is selling the books that much? With one of the two largest chains in the country on shaky financial footing, and the steady drop in independent book stores, doesn’t it make sense to better penetrate the non traditional markets? Even if Target never amounts to more than five percent of Pyr or Roc's sales it would be one more market to put books in front of potential buyers. It would also be one more market to leverage Barnes and Noble and Borders into distribution deals that are more favorable to the publisher and writer. Maybe the younger generations of men and women who aren't reading as much could be tempted back into the light.

This is from one of my favorite websites.

This unit is an Open Box Item, normal return policies do not apply. You can report any defects in the first 3 days of receiving the item, however we do not accept non-defective returns. Condition: This unit shit in the original retail box...

Usually its not for the humor.
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( May. 21st, 2008 12:23 am)
Ok, what do you and or your friends and loved ones play for sf/f related games? Table top? Board, Quest style fantasy, Multiplayer games like WarCraft, or First Person games. Any console games?
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( May. 11th, 2008 11:40 pm)
Has anyone ever used Obopay? www.obopay.com ? If so, what can you tell me about them?
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Not entirely on topic, but a great real life example of why medieval armies (lions) and mercenaries (croc's) were careful of how far they pushed peasants (buffalo).
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( Apr. 29th, 2008 12:19 am)
Darwin Garrison of "Darwin's Evolutions" is getting closer to launching the innovative ezine, as part of the run up, they have just launched their forums. Enjoy

The nice folks at Makeuseofit.com had a post with several applications, one of them was an application that will help restore corrupted word files.


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( Mar. 25th, 2008 09:23 pm)
It's been a while as i was reminded by a pretty lady. Normally i avoid politics like the plague they are, but every so often I feel the need to sully my LiveJournal with things almost as nasty as LiveJournals last year or two of policy moves of the last year or so. And here they are, one by MadMike, and one link by a blogger who go's by "The Casual Observer".

http://mzmadmike.livejournal.com/50423.html http://iwt.blogspot.com/2008/03/indiana-tax-and-boondoogle-by-any-other.html

Enjoy, real content soon.
This is one of them.

eta: changed mood... i was not angry...


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