Conjecture has wrapped and i met some fun people. Getting to meet [ profile] sartorias , [ profile] shweta_narayan ,[personal profile] gregvaneekhout and half a dozen others was fun. I got to catch up with old friends, and was saved the wrath of a con chair when someone else brought up a topic i was told not to mention. Conjecture was a smallish fairly laid back con. The hotel wasn't bad, in fact for the cost of the rooms you got a real nice place to leave your things while you wandered around to parties, panels and other events.

The Darkcon party was a blast and had some interesting mixed drinks. I may some day be forgiven for assisting my friends and other party goers in trying some of them.

It's sorta funny how all cons have their own vibe and how much or little the vibe changes year year. I've been lucky enough to get to Ravencon is a quietly intense literary con that is moving strongly towards being more of a general SF con. Right now it has a feel that is remarkably similar to Boskone despite the lack of cross over.

Arisia, which is only a month and half a city away from Boskone is very different. Arisia is very much a general con, and a great place to make friends across the sf/f fandom spectrum. Costumes are probably as high as 1 in 10 people, where as i don't recall seeing anyone at Ravencon or Boskone in costume.

Pi-Con is higher-than-most-energy con, with a much younger base than the others I've mentioned and is heavily into gaming, with strong filk, fannish, and literary elements.

Conjecture, which was about the same size as Raven had a good mix of interesting people, but I think it needs more people from outside the immediate area to get it from a fun con to a great con. Myself, Jason Cordova, and David Drake seemed like the only real "outsiders" at the con. Everyone else seemed to know each other. This can be fun, and it was but there was a lack of spark that you get when new elements are mixed in at the right proportion. I do intend to go back some day because I did enjoy it, and i'll probably decide to make a real vacation out of the trip.

One thing I won't be doing if I go back is visiting Hunter's Steakhouse. We had reservations, got their at 8:45 Saturday night, and it wasn't too busy. We got sat pretty much right away. It took 15 minutes before our drink order was taken. The two tables that were sat after us, one by fifteen minutes, one by thirty both got their food before we did. In fact when the first of them was sat, the waitress had our drinks in her hands, put them down on an empty table, took their drink order, walked back by the drinks and our table like none of it was there. She then came back with something for the new table, and again walked by our drinks three times.

This is when one of the people i was with got up and got our drinks. The waitress came back as we are all drinking and apologized, saying that she was coming back to give them too us. Ten minutes had elapsed while our drinks sat there. Were now almost forty minutes into our window to eat and get back for one of the party of six to get back to a panel.

Time goes by...

Our orders come, I looked at the steak of the person who had ordered medium well. Generously speaking it was medium, honestly speaking it was too red for a lot of people who like medium rare. Not surprisingly she sent it back. About three minutes later the steak is brought back, it's still medium. Again it goes back. On the third try it was close enough to medium well for this person to eat. I've eaten with this person before, and never seen her send anything back. I've cooked and waited tables, and getting it wrong once is sad, but forgivable getting it wrong twice is about the time you should start worrying if the pooch is on birth control. It took us almost two and half hours to get in and out at a half full restaurant.

Conjecture was the last con of the year for me, and much as I wish i could go to WFC, Calgary is just too far to when I've been to Denver and San Diego already this year. I should be at WFC next year, and in Montreal. Ravencon and Lunacon are the only definite dates at this point. I'd like to go to Arisia, Balticon, and Boskone this year but other events might push them down the scale.

Don't forget [ profile] davefreer's Slowtrain is available in hard cover on 10/1, and the paperback of Pyramid Power is now available. It should be noted that the Slowtrain review up does contain spoilers.
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( Sep. 27th, 2008 06:45 pm)

I had two panels today, one with Stoney Compton, and a couple others whose names escape me. And another that I'll cover later.

This is a video of some of the performers from last night.

Special note for the people who were annoyed at the performers. I am much meaner than they are.

Oh yes, i spoke to the con chair for Lunacon things will be moving on that site soon. Dave Freer, the GoH for Lunacon has two  books coming out you probably know about. One is the paperback of Pyramid Power . The other is the hardcover release of Slow Train.

For those were at the Writers Group panel, here's the link to the writers checklist i did last summer and was talking about.

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( Sep. 27th, 2008 11:23 am)
Howdy ho!

I'm here, you should be too. Today i have two early panels, one at 10am "Science and the Art of Logistics" followed immediately by a panel on writers groups at 11:30.

David Drake i believe has three back to back panels this morning. He is braver than I.

Jason Cordova has brought his lovely girlfriend, and he and i will be on a panel with David Drake on Sunday.

Sherwood Smith aka Sartorias is do to arrive sometime this morning.

My pitch session last night was fun, and the Zombie-Ninja-Monkey-Pirate-Robots panel turned out to be very interactive.

I actually attended filking for the fist time, and the performers were good. I'll have to get the links to the videos they say are up on the web at some point when I've got two braincells firing in the same half hour.

Travel-fu coming in was just short of perfect, I got to the shuttle and airport later than i wanted to. My flight from Boston to JFK was good and managed to take off and arrive on time despite the light rain in both cities. The flight from JFK to San Diego was as pleasant as six hour flight can be. I watched the History Channel and got three and half or so of my non hockey ten hours of tv for the year. And my flight got in early.
The fabulous ladies and gentlemen at Conjecture have given me my schedule, I'm pleased.

Friday 4-5&change
Pitch Session / Agent Q&A
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo

Friday: 5:30
Zombie Ninja Monkey Pirate Robots
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Batton Lash, John W. Oliver, Martin Young

Saturday 10am
The Science and Art of Logistics
Stoney Compton, Rick Galli, Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Jefferson P. Swycaffer

Saturday 1130am
Writers' Groups: How and Why
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Shweta Narayan, John W. Oliver, Greg van Eekhout

Sunday: 10 am
Military in other genres
Jason Cordova, David Drake, Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Martin Young

Where has all the science gone?
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Lynn Maudlin, Stephen W. Potts, Nathaniel Smith, William H. Stoddard

Per usual, anyone who sees me wandering around when I'm supposed to be someplace please, please, please point me in the right direction.

And don't mistake me for a morning person while I'm in CA, it's three hours behind my normal times. Hell, i don't expect to sleep Friday night.

And no it's not to late to go, the Con Chair mentioned she wants more of you there. Besides, there's a rumor going around about the con book bio of a certain person who will be there...

Yes, this is really late.

Day three was like today a day where there were no scheduled panels for me. It was also a busy, busy day. The only important meetings were with the Chairs of Conjecture and Lunacon. We talked about a couple idea's and people who wanted to be there.

Later i had lunch with CanaryNoir, and two of her fabulous friends. We talked about some of what I'm doing to ge her book sold, some about her WIP' and chatted about the con.

Later, there were parties. The Pyr party rivaled the Tor party for bodies and easily doubled it for density of crowd. There was also an interesting specialty mixed drink. I can't tell you what it tastes like or what was in it because mine kept evaporating. Luckily I got a spiffy glass with the Pyr logo so all was not lost. The tor party was well attended as always, and hip deep in heavy weights.

After the party tour a group of us went to Leela's over on 15th street. Leela's is a twenty four hour diner with a bar built in. Sadly there was a rather obnoxious git there causing the staff problems. All he could prattle on about was how he was working the DNC and 'we' will never win with attitudes like that. Fortunately the company i was way better. Jude of Borderland Books, Jetse, Jeremy Lassen, Lou Anders and half a dozen others.

Eventually I got back to my room just about three am, with a panel less than seven hours later...
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( Aug. 5th, 2008 02:00 am)
Eric, who won the cover letter contest chose to get the paperback of Pyramid Power which is due out the end of September.

A fantabulous lady who is entirely too kind to a wayward bird i have an ARC of Slow Train to Arcturus to flash around at Denvention, Pi-Con and Conjecture!

[profile] davefreer and [profile] jamesenge will hopefully both participate in the Bittercon that [personal profile] sartorias posted about. Look for them later this week, I know Dave hopes only to be buried in the current WIP until Friday, but books happen and characters are occasionally mean.

As i mentioned elsewhere on the web, Wednesday morning for the casual breakfast I'll have a copy of Slow Train on my table. Say hi and join me if the mood strikes you.

In theory I will get into the Sheraton around between 11 and midnight. Look for the large, tired looking black guy in the Patriots Jersey. 

I have no idea how often I'll actually update during the con, but I'll try for once a day.

I should probably start packing now.



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