For those of you who have never had the joyous experience of being in a smoky room with contacts, I applaud your good sense. I on the other hand got to spend half of last night with my contacts going through a Navy Seal workout in my eyes.

But that's not nearly as important as who I've gotten to talk too. My fan friends are here in full force, the con com has put together another excellent event and my first panel with Wombat, David Coe, Michael Ventrella, and two others whose names escape me.

Today I have a 2pm panel in the Potomac room. a 6pm in Dogwood and various schmooze sessions throughout the day and night.
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( Mar. 25th, 2009 08:25 pm)
I'm looking for a few cons of at least 500 people a year and outside the Northeast-Mid Atlantic to do in 2010. I'm probably only willing to do two real long distance ones since I'm told I have to be productive at least twice a year so two cons in anyone area are probably out. All i want is the aforementioned headcount, and of course a literary bent to the convention if there are writers workshops as part of the con even better.

So tell me about the cons in your neck of the woods.
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( Mar. 19th, 2009 11:36 pm)
One of the more important early sites is:

a fan with great tasted

More throughout the Con
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( Mar. 10th, 2009 03:23 pm)
So, who's coming for sure, who hopes to make it and when are you arriving for Lunacon?

I'll be there early Friday.

You can see the list of who's who and their schedule here.

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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 12:12 pm)
Well Con goers it is nearly that time again! Lunacon is almost here with a Guest of Honor who not only hasn't been in the USA in five years, is looking forward to his first stint as Guest of Honor. Dave Freer who has over a dozen books on the shelf ranging from epic fantasy to space opera to urban fantasy will be touching down in time to meet the people he writes for. Larry Dixon will be Artist Guest of Honor, the Special Guest will be Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint will be Toastmaster.

Don't forget: Lunacon March 20-22, the greatest con this side of the moon.
[ profile] davefreer 

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( Jan. 18th, 2009 02:04 pm)
Well, it's snowing outside, but the con is still in full swing. My two panels were well attended. The first one was with the fabulous Sara A. Harvey, Keith R. A. DeCandido, James D. Macdonald, and Inanna Arthen. Where we covered bad contracts, the unfortunate experiences of Sara and Inanna, James's work with Writers Beware and some of the practices Keith obsereved at a former employer. While the range of things that can go wrong with a contract, or the relationship with an agent, or publisher is a seriuos topic, this was a fun panel. I haven't had as much fun, complete with laughs, swearing, anecdotes and one upsmanship.

Next panel was on bio ethics. This panel had people with varied backgrounds and when it got rolling we discussed a variety of topics from autonomy to informed consent, all of which feed into the ethics equation. Thomas Easton (m), Bonnie Barlow Turner, Amy Chused, Richard Stallman, myself and one other person who's name was not on the schedule were delighted to have a full audience.

I'm off to see if i can swing lunch or at least a drink with one of my clients.


It is your last chance to vote in the P&E polls.
Dave Freer & Eric Flint are ahead in the Best SF/F Novel and Dave is currently near the top of the best Author ranks. Go vote!

In the other categories, friends of mine that I'm told were nominated included Sarah Hoyt, James Enge (for a short), Toni Weiskopf, Eric Flint,  and a few others who's names escape my feeble mind.

And I got my Arisia schedule:

272 Making Tropes Interesting Paul Revere B Literature   Sat 5:00 PM Duration: 01:00
308 Mirror Neurons, Empathy, and "Theory of Mind" Paul Revere A Science   Sat 8:00 PM Duration: 01:00
635 Bad Contracts and Publishing Scams Room 201 Literature   Sun 12:00 PM Duration: 01:00
4 Bioethics in Theory and Practice BU Suite (Regency Club) Science   Sun 1:00 PM Duration: 01:00

506 Grok, Hobbit! Paul Revere A Literature   Mon 12:00 PM Duration: 01:00

The rest of the time i'll probably wander through the dealers areas, the bar, the con suite, the bar, the green room, the bar, the lobby, the bar, the room parites, and i may remember to sleep...

Reading a good submission by someone I'm not familiar with take waaaay more time than reading a published novel by someone I'm not familiar with.

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( Dec. 3rd, 2008 02:54 am)
I now have my hotel rooms booked for Arisia and Lunacon. Y'all recall that Lunacon will have the redoubtable Dave Freer in town for his first appearance in the U.S. in almost five years? And that James Enge will be in the building to tantilize you with the book y'all have just preordered having seen the cover.
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( Oct. 22nd, 2008 07:25 pm)
In addition to Ravencon and Lunacon, I've been invited back to Arisia for next year. I've also been invited to Balticon.

These will probably be the only cons I do next year. I may do either Worldcon or World Fantasy as well. I'm possibly doing Book Expo too.
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( Sep. 27th, 2008 06:45 pm)

I had two panels today, one with Stoney Compton, and a couple others whose names escape me. And another that I'll cover later.

This is a video of some of the performers from last night.

Special note for the people who were annoyed at the performers. I am much meaner than they are.

Oh yes, i spoke to the con chair for Lunacon things will be moving on that site soon. Dave Freer, the GoH for Lunacon has two  books coming out you probably know about. One is the paperback of Pyramid Power . The other is the hardcover release of Slow Train.

For those were at the Writers Group panel, here's the link to the writers checklist i did last summer and was talking about.

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( Sep. 27th, 2008 11:23 am)
Howdy ho!

I'm here, you should be too. Today i have two early panels, one at 10am "Science and the Art of Logistics" followed immediately by a panel on writers groups at 11:30.

David Drake i believe has three back to back panels this morning. He is braver than I.

Jason Cordova has brought his lovely girlfriend, and he and i will be on a panel with David Drake on Sunday.

Sherwood Smith aka Sartorias is do to arrive sometime this morning.

My pitch session last night was fun, and the Zombie-Ninja-Monkey-Pirate-Robots panel turned out to be very interactive.

I actually attended filking for the fist time, and the performers were good. I'll have to get the links to the videos they say are up on the web at some point when I've got two braincells firing in the same half hour.

Travel-fu coming in was just short of perfect, I got to the shuttle and airport later than i wanted to. My flight from Boston to JFK was good and managed to take off and arrive on time despite the light rain in both cities. The flight from JFK to San Diego was as pleasant as six hour flight can be. I watched the History Channel and got three and half or so of my non hockey ten hours of tv for the year. And my flight got in early.
The fabulous ladies and gentlemen at Conjecture have given me my schedule, I'm pleased.

Friday 4-5&change
Pitch Session / Agent Q&A
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo

Friday: 5:30
Zombie Ninja Monkey Pirate Robots
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Batton Lash, John W. Oliver, Martin Young

Saturday 10am
The Science and Art of Logistics
Stoney Compton, Rick Galli, Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Jefferson P. Swycaffer

Saturday 1130am
Writers' Groups: How and Why
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Shweta Narayan, John W. Oliver, Greg van Eekhout

Sunday: 10 am
Military in other genres
Jason Cordova, David Drake, Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Martin Young

Where has all the science gone?
Mike "OnyxHawke" Kabongo, Lynn Maudlin, Stephen W. Potts, Nathaniel Smith, William H. Stoddard

Per usual, anyone who sees me wandering around when I'm supposed to be someplace please, please, please point me in the right direction.

And don't mistake me for a morning person while I'm in CA, it's three hours behind my normal times. Hell, i don't expect to sleep Friday night.

And no it's not to late to go, the Con Chair mentioned she wants more of you there. Besides, there's a rumor going around about the con book bio of a certain person who will be there...

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( Aug. 10th, 2008 05:54 pm)
Despite not getting more than four hours sleep between the end of day three and when realized I needed to move to make it to my 10am panel, I did make it.

I have no idea if we made any sense, i have no idea if i made any sense. The panel to me spent a lot of time on music theory, buy some on all sorts of stuff.

Sitting in the green room with Kate Paulk, David B, Jeff, and a rotating cast of others we probably came close to getting tossed out for a rather raucous and ribald conversation that occasionally soared its way into the gutter.

The Appeal of Urban Fantasy panel was hilarious. As much as I wish Anton Strout was able to attend, having Sarah Hoyt on the panel with myself, David Boop and Ann Aguirre was a ton of fun. Sarah and I have a sense of humor that is much a like, David I'd met earlier in the con. We discussed the trends and various major series in urban fantasy. This was also the last panel of the night in that room, and while I'm sure the audience was entertained as they were frequently laughing as hard as the panelists, the phrase "Are any of us going to get out of here with our careers intact?" was uttered more than once. I hope to run into Ann and David again some time.

Later, more parties. The nice folks at Baen had a party in which after four days in the same town as Lois Bujold i managed to do more than say "Hi" to her. From what she said the forthcoming Miles Vorkosigan book has about four chapters done and Miles is now 39.

Back in the SFWA suite I ran across the news that Mary Robinette Kowal had won the Campbell Award. Mary is one of my fave people in the business and is sharp as hell.

I sat around int he SWFA suite for much of the night talking to Carol Berg, The Hoyt Collective Peter Heck, Jeremy Lassen, Becky and Alan Lickess, Ginjer and one or two others who's names escape me.

Dan Hoyt had a panel at 11 on writing vampires, none of the panelists had ever written a vampire story. One of the participants got lost and they roped me into it, I had the fun of plugging T.R.'s books, pretending to be T.R., plugging Ravencon, causing trouble and winding up Sarah about some some of her vampires. :-)

edited to add mention of the AoUF panel.
Yes, this is really late.

Day three was like today a day where there were no scheduled panels for me. It was also a busy, busy day. The only important meetings were with the Chairs of Conjecture and Lunacon. We talked about a couple idea's and people who wanted to be there.

Later i had lunch with CanaryNoir, and two of her fabulous friends. We talked about some of what I'm doing to ge her book sold, some about her WIP' and chatted about the con.

Later, there were parties. The Pyr party rivaled the Tor party for bodies and easily doubled it for density of crowd. There was also an interesting specialty mixed drink. I can't tell you what it tastes like or what was in it because mine kept evaporating. Luckily I got a spiffy glass with the Pyr logo so all was not lost. The tor party was well attended as always, and hip deep in heavy weights.

After the party tour a group of us went to Leela's over on 15th street. Leela's is a twenty four hour diner with a bar built in. Sadly there was a rather obnoxious git there causing the staff problems. All he could prattle on about was how he was working the DNC and 'we' will never win with attitudes like that. Fortunately the company i was way better. Jude of Borderland Books, Jetse, Jeremy Lassen, Lou Anders and half a dozen others.

Eventually I got back to my room just about three am, with a panel less than seven hours later...
Yesterday was fun, and all the set work was done by two so I relaxed a bit more the rest of the day. The morning panel The Agent Behind the Curtain was a bit more general than I expected, but probably what the audience needed. Joshua Bilmes did a fantastic job moderating, Eleanor Wood contributed in that cool reasoned way she does. Lucienne Diver was her usual strong business woman self. And Kristen Nelson was the only one i hadn't met before, she was sharp and well focused.

Next I had the signing turned pitch session. This was in the dealers room, thankfully far enough away from most things that I could here the people who were talking to me. The dealers room is large and I spent half an hour talking to Howard and Sandra Taylor. I ran into Jeremy from Night Shade and talked to him for a while.

So aside from Schlock Mercenary I also noticed the folks from Girl Genius, and a demo station for the various versions of Soul Caliber 4, featuring Star Wars characters like Darth Vader and Yoda.

Today the only real plans are a brunch with the conchair of Lunacon to beat him into persuade him of a few things I'd like and give him a bit more background on some of the folks who I know want to be there or are going to be there.

After that is a late lunch with [personal profile] canarynoir and then visiting folks at one or two of the parties.

For those keeping track; I talked to Steve Stirling, Jay Lake, Peter Heck, Ken Shoels, and a half dozen others i should remember but don't.

Depending on mood and energy, i may send out a few more submissions later this afternoon.
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( Aug. 6th, 2008 12:21 pm)
Well I made in one piece. I even managed to sit still on the plane for about five hours. I think I even kept the counter rotation of my feet down to six times an hour.

An amazing thing happened happened. Not one of the twenty or twenty five kids on the flight cried once.

The shuttles at the Denver airport apparently don't feel the need to staff the counters late at night.

On the other hand... The buffet at the Sheraton is good, and pre reg is organized and moving smoothly.

For those who know them, I ran into Kludge and Filthy Pierre so far.

Don't forget my 1pm panel "Schmoozing 101" in Korbel 1D
So which of my readers will in Denver?

Assuming my luck with travel holds out, I'll be arriving late Tuesday in Denver. While I can't promise to be interesting, or even fully awake I'm up for a casual breakfast in the Sheraton eatery around 9/930 if there's any interest on Wednesday morning.
Yes, life has left me busy enough to nearly forget the contest.

I will announce the winner in this post. I promise. But first:

My panel schedule for WorldCon;

Worldcon )

Standard plea to Congoers;

If you see me wandering around at a time I'm supposed to be at a panel please point me in the right direction. I'm very good at losing track of time at cons.


I need three for horrible duties via LJ during Worldcon.
Please comment, and I'll ask you what I want via either the LJ message service or one of the IM platforms.

And the winner is....

Well first i really need to thank everyone who participated because these were just hilarious to read. The LOLCATZ one was fun, the sheer inanity of quite a few, and the good fun of them all. The winner is going to the one that combined uselessness of actual text, psychopathy, criminality, and pure iron plated resistance to good sense the best, all without showing an overall deficit of writing skill. The author of the gem below should contact me via email soon so I can get their prize shipped. My comments are between the "[" and "]".
Contest )

I think I'll have to do this contest again sometime not so soon.

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( Jun. 30th, 2008 09:56 pm)
Well, I've got my preliminary schedule for Worldcon. It looks like I'll be on three panels. Wednesday, and Friday look to be fairly clear for meetings. Anyone wishing to pitch to me, or just pick my brain quietly should probably pick a time from mid day on on Wednesday, or anytime from mid morning on Friday. If you want to schedule a time you can:
Message me through LJ with your contact info.
Send me an email through the webform on my website.
Instant message me via one of the options in my profile.
Or go all old fashioned and call me.

If you're going with two or three writer friends I'm willing to talk to a couple people at once.

You can also just try and wander into me at one of the room parties at the main hotel where I'll be staying.
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( Apr. 30th, 2008 01:17 am)
I booked my flight today, I'll be there for the whole con, and most of the next day. I also managed to get my bio sent in so I may actually have to do some work while there.

How many others are going?


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