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([personal profile] onyxhawke May. 3rd, 2009 11:53 pm)
I've been reading client stuff a lot lately. I do so love it when a client whose work you enjoy greatly surpasses their previous efforts.

I saw Wolverine the other night. My brother and I both loved it, and judging by the fact that the whole audience was there until the credits rolled, and about eighty percent stayed until the credits stopped, I don't think we were alone in that. It was to me, a great character study. It wasn't as action filled as some of the other comic to movie translations, but I think Hugh Jackman did a great job with all areas of the part. I've heard that some people thought it was bad, terrible or worse. I wonder what provoked this? It's the origin story of a man with blood on his hands who is a good guy because he's seen the dark side and knows what he wants. I think it was pretty faithful to the integrity of the character.

Anyone else see it yet?

Apropos of nothing:
Music added to the library tonight:
Vaughan Williams Complete Collection, George Phillipp Telemann's complete Tafelmusik, Living Colour's Vivid, Royce Da 5'9" The Album, Saves the Day  Stay What You Were & Through Being Cool, Bishop Lamont The Confessional, Peabo Bryson Missing You, Handel   Fire, Water, Slick Rick Behind Bars, Jay-Z American Gangster, Wyman Tisdale Rebound
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