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( Jan. 5th, 2009 01:43 pm)
Perhaps the most interesting balancing act in the world is that of balancing the world's view of you as articulated in nuance, deed, and word by those around you and your own view of self. Sometimes, the world has a more accurate view of you than you yourself can claim, or will admit to. Sometimes the world, or at least a vocal portion has a view of you that just defies logical interpretation, history and observed current events. In entertainment we often see this angle worked for good laughs or to teach a moral. In philosophy it is sometimes used to make a case for something many would consider indefensible, simply to remind observers that it is not usually possible to know how others think, even if you know what they think. Some segments of the field of psychology state that perception is reality and that even the appearance of agreement between multiple parties perceptions does not prove that a thing is objectively real, simply that the individuals involved perceive an agreement.

For the purposes of fiction, when all the points of view on a given thing, person or event are the same it is usually not worth repeating it over and over from each point of view as often happens in real life. But bringing out the different perceptions about something are often as revealing about the point of view character as they are about whatever is being described through their mind. I found this article and more importantly the map inspirational for this piece, which while it says something about me that I find it mostly laughable says tons about the mind behind the map, and his supporters.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mzmadmike for pointing me at this posts catalyst.



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